Setters, Sealers and Refreshers Oh My!

If you are confused by makeup setting sprays, makeup sealers and refreshing sprays than you are not alone! I wish makeup companies would make it a little easier by giving an accurate description of their product but until then I will do my best to help you figure it out.


Setters, Sealers and Refreshers Oh My!

Setting sprays do just that, they set your makeup. Powder sets liquid (that’s why we set our liquid and cream foundations with powder) and liquid sets powder, setting sprays set the powder that we have applied to set our foundations (I know this sounds like circular logic but it does help makeup stay on longer). You can use as much setting spray as you like without fear of it leaving any residue or shine but this will not drastically increase the wear time of the makeup it simply gives you a more flawless finish.

My favourite setting sprays: MAC Fix + and MUFE Mist and Fix


Setters, Sealers and Refreshers Oh My!

Makeup sealers are much more heavy duty and are applied at the very end of the makeup application, after the setting spray. Most do leave a shine on the skin so be careful not to over use them. Makeup sealers are designed to increase your makeup wear time even through sweet and tears. Some can even waterproof your makeup but be very careful with the waterproof sealers as they tend to be the worst for increasing shine.

My favourite setting spray: Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray (Skindinavia also make Urban Decay’s setting sprays, All Nighter ect.)


Setters, Sealers and Refreshers Oh My!

Refreshers do not help your makeup wear longer. They are more of a skincare item as opposed to a makeup item and are used to give your skin a pick me up and the end of the day or an extra dose of moisture during the day. They feel great on the skin and can give your complexion and nice dewy appearance for the summer.

My favourite refresher spray: Caudalie Beauty Elixir


Final note, EnKore does 2 amazing YouTube videos on facial sprays so if you want even more info check it out.

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